5 Ways to Save Energy This Spring

We’ve been in spring for a little over a month now, ending what was a long and often brutal winter for many parts of the United States. With this new season comes a fresh opportunity to make some changes around the house to save energy and money.

When homeowners take the appropriate steps, they will see their energy bills stay the same or decrease. This is good news as we transition into the hot summer months and become more dependent on artificial sources of cooling, which use a great deal of energy.

Here are some ways homeowners can save energy this spring:

  • Schedule an inspection. At the beginning of each new season, homeowners should have their home cooling and heating systems inspected by a professional; this will ensure they operate at peak efficiency. A professional will also be able to tell if a system is old and in need of an update, as an upgrade can save energy and lower bills in the long run.
  • Open up the windows. Opening the windows in a home allows for a cross breeze, naturally cooling the space without the need of an air conditioner. This is ideal in the spring when temperatures are still mild enough as to not cause discomfort. An open window also has the advantage of bringing in fresh air, relieving winter stuffiness and eliminating possible odors.
  • Use the ceiling fans. Like the open windows, ceiling fans allow a person to cool their home without using much energy. In fact, by turning on a ceiling fan in the spring, homeowners can raise their thermostats by as much as four degrees. This can also help to lower electricity bills without having to sacrifice the overall comfort of the space.
  • Let the sun shine through. Spring means longer days and more hours of natural sunlight streaming into the house. When there is natural daylight, turn off the artificial lights and use those open windows to brighten up the household. If there are any outdoor lights on timers, adjust the settings so they only run when absolutely necessary.
  • Caulk any air leaks. Openings in the ceiling or walls means that air is escaping the home. Nobody wants to be paying for warm or cool air that is leaking outside and going to waste. Check around the entire property for any leaks; should some exist, a low-cost caulk will do the trick. This is a small investment to make to save money on energy costs in the future.

Even if you are not using your heating oil tank this spring and summer, fill it up. This will prevent condensation from building and corroding the interior of the tank. This condensed water can also result in the growth of bacteria and the formation of sludge in the tank. Contact us online or over the phone at (508) 756-2461 to schedule an appointment.