Penn Grade

The term “100% Pure Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil” has long carried with it an industry connotation for being one of the best sources of high quality lubricant base stocks in the world.

“The Green Oil® that racers, engine builders and enthusiasts alike have all come to know and love!  The unique green color and outstanding performance of Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils set them apart from the competition.

Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils are formulated using a unique base oil which results in exceptional film strength.  This base oil causes Penn Grade 1®High Performance Oil to cling tenaciously to engine parts to minimize wear during high engine torque loading and/or periods of heavily stressed operation such as those experienced during competition.  This same oil ‘cling’ helps prevent ‘dry-start’ conditions to minimize wear even after the engine has been sitting idle for extended periods.

Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils also contain highly effective detergent and dispersant additives to guarantee exceptional engine cleanliness as well as oxidation and foam inhibitors that offer protection against thermal degradation and air entrainment.

In addition to our unique base oil cut, increased concentration of “zinc” (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate a.k.a. ZDDP) provides outstanding anti-wear/anti-scuffing protection for engines employing either ‘flat tappet’ or roller cams.  Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils have been evaluated by a number of premiere camshaft manufacturers with tremendous success. Many are now recommending our Penn Grade 1High Performance Oils to provide outstanding protection for their ‘flat tappet’ or roller cams.

The Penn Grade 1 High Performance line contains the following products:

  • 6 Multi-grade Engine Oils
  • 5 Mono-grade Engine Oils
  • SAE 30 Break-In Oil
  • 2 Multi-grade Motorcycle Oils
  • Classic GL-4 80W-90 Gear Lube
  • Engine Assembly Lube

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