Residential Delivery

Why Select Radio Oil as your Oil Dealer?
Because we do it right!

Since 1922 Radio Oil Co., Inc. has been supplying homes and businesses in central Massachusetts with #2 heating oil. We carefully select only fuel suppliers that are known for quality. Our goal is to build a business where every product and service is the best it can be. This applies to everything we sell, whether lubricating oils, diesel fuel, gasoline, or heating oils.

All Oil Companies Are Not Equal…
We’ve Been Proving That Since 1922!

Automatic Delivery

Never worry about running out…our automatic delivery system gets you the oil when you need it! We monitor heating degree days to keep you from running out. Just ask to be on automatic delivery and we will take care of the rest!

Competitive Advantage

Our reputation is quality products at competitive prices.  Use our Black Gold Program to lock in your heating oil price for the season and avoid the ups and downs of the market.  We offer money-saving prepaid plans and a budget to spread the payments throughout the year.  Add Downside Protection and your price will go down if the market does, but never up!


While you can always pick up the telephone and call, now from our website you can place an order, request service (non-emergency), make a payment, leave us a message, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (coming real soon!).

Safety First!

Managing risks and prevention of losses are important issues in all businesses today.  Avoiding costly mistakes is an important part of our philosophy.  For these reasons we have instituted several procedures that we adhere to.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with regard to them:

  • Upon a customer’s first delivery we will need to see the oil tank.  We perform a quick, no-charge inspection of the tank to be sure of its integrity.
  • You must have a working vent alarm in your tank.  The vent alarm creates a whistling sound as air rushes out as the oil is being pumped in.  This lets us know we are not pressurizing your tank.
  • We will not send out a delivery truck when dangerous driving conditions exist.  Please try to keep access to your oil fill clear of snow during the winter.

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