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Preventive Measures to Avoid Frozen Pipes

As you are aware, we are entering an extended period of frigid weather. Predictions are that we may see record breaking low temperatures this week and that this below normal pattern may be with us into January of 2018. During this period of time, it is important that you think about your normal habits for heating your house, and be … Continue reading Preventive Measures to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Additized Diesel 3: Cold-weather Performance

In our previous two articles, we’ve discussed how diesel additives enhance engine performance, responsiveness, and economy, all while protecting your equipment for the long haul. Diesel additives help keep your fuel injectors clean and properly functioning, and prevent rust from getting into your engines. Now, as summer winds down and the prospect of chilly fall and winter jobs becomes more … Continue reading Additized Diesel 3: Cold-weather Performance

The Massachusetts Pre-winter Heating Checklist

The weather is cooling, which means it’s time to remember that heating system you’ve pushed to the back of your mind all summer. Why now? Because it’s better to make sure your heating system is working properly, safely, and efficiently before you need it; instead of finding out it’s not when you do. As part of our standard home heating … Continue reading The Massachusetts Pre-winter Heating Checklist

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