The Massachusetts Pre-winter Heating Checklist

The weather is cooling, which means it’s time to remember that heating system you’ve pushed to the back of your mind all summer. Why now? Because it’s better to make sure your heating system is working properly, safely, and efficiently before you need it; instead of finding out it’s not when you do. As part of our standard home heating oil service, Radio Oil will inspect your oil tank at no charge to ensure its integrity and fitness for operation. Safety first!

Before firing your heater up for the winter, there are some checks you should do or have done by an experienced professional.

  • We strongly recommend having your heating system thoroughly inspected by a qualified professional before turning it on after a long layoff. A professional will clean your system of any fire hazards, check that your tank and other components are in safe working order, ensure that any electrical connections are secure, and other checks.
  • Clear the area around your heater of any flammable materials.
  • Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If dangerous conditions exist, you want to know before the worst happens.
  • If your system has one, check the air filter for excessive dust and debris. Replace if necessary.
  • Consult your heating system’s manual for any instructions about starting it for the first time and any other infrequent maintenance you may need to take care of.
  • Finally, please note that while we will not deliver oil if there is no clear path to the tank. If the path from the road to the tank has been obstructed, now is the time to get it cleared.

Get a head start on getting ahead of the cold. And schedule your home heating oil deliveries with Radio Oil. You can get in touch by phone at 508-756-2461, by email at, or contact us online!