Additized Diesel: Part 1 – Fuel Injectors & Performance

June 26, 2015

The Importance of Additized Diesel: Keeping Your Fuel Injectors Clean

One of the ways additized diesel helps maintain your vehicle’s performance is by preventing deposits from building up on your fuel injectors. Fuel injectors control how much fuel is added to the engine for combustion– an amount that is tuned to exact optimal levels for your vehicle. Since fuel injectors are exposed to intense amounts of heat, there is a risk of fuel residues being scorched to the injectors. This residue can build up over the hundreds of hours of engine activity your vehicles surely see, and start to interfere with the injector’s ability to provide an optimal amount of fuel to your engine.

The results are not good. Since you’re getting less fuel to your engine, you’re also getting less power. To compensate, you need to push the engine harder, putting extra stress on equipment that’s already under load. It’s an extra load your engine gets put under, in addition to the other wear-and-tear that degrades performance.

In order to get the power you need, you’ll have to burn more fuel. This lowers your fuel economy, making you spend more money to get the same job done. Add in the extra wear-and-tear, and the cost of increased maintenance and parts replacement, and your bottom line starts hurting really quickly.

Finally, since your injectors are delivering less fuel, and your engine is getting less power, your equipment becomes less responsive. It’s the same thing you’ll see in commuter vehicles that have gummed up fuel injectors: they take an extra second or two to get going once you push on the gas. On a work site, power needs to be there when you need it, not a few second later.

Additized diesel fuels, like those Radio Oil carries, keep your fuel injectors clean, and your equipment running better, longer, and more efficiently. They also have other advantages, like cold-weather flow improvements, corrosion inhibitors, and lubricity agents. The bottom line: your bottom line looks better.