Brad Penn

Renown as the birthplace for quality lubricating oils the Bradford, PA refinery (formerly the Kendall/Amalie refinery) was founded in 1881 at the height of the domestic oil boom.  In 1997, when the Kendall and Amalie brands were sold, a new name was given to products produced at the refinery: BRAD PENN Premium Pennsylvania Grade Lubricants.  The Bradford, PA refinery is the only refinery processing 100% Pennsylvania Grade crude oil and it is the oldest continually operating lube oil refinery in the world.

BRAD PENN products include:

• Motor Oils
• Transmission Fluids
• Hydraulic Oils
• Gear Lubricants
• Railroad Engine Oils
• BioGas & Natural Gas Engine Oils
• Greases
• Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils

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