Homeowners: Summer is the Time for a Heating System Tune-up

The incredible snows of the last winter have passed, leaving little more than fading (but still very vivid!) memories. Spring is here, and Summer is just a few weeks away. It is very tempting to think that your home heating system should be forgotten about until September. But there is a very good reason why you should take a day this summer to have your heating system professionally inspected and, if needed, tuned up. Schedule your inspection for when you know you won’t need your furnace, so you’ll be sure it will work when you do!

The last thing any of us want in the middle of Fall or Winter is to find out that the heat won’t turn on.

An inspection and tune-up performed by a heating professional will ensure that your system will start when you need it to. Consider taking a day this summer to have an inspection done. And be sure to get your heating oil tank filled. Even if you aren’t using it, keeping it full will prevent condensation from building up and corroding the tank. Condensated water is also a breeding ground for bacteria, which will form a sludge within the tank if allowed to. Call Radio Oil at (508) 756-2461 for a fill up!