Making Sure Your Oil Delivery Goes Smoothly This Winter


The weather conditions this month have created a crisis situation for the delivery of fuel to homes in our area. The combination of major snow storms, packed ice and extreme cold is making it impossible, in many instances, for our delivery teams to access homes for oil deliveries.

To ensure our ability to make deliveries and provide emergency service, in a timely manner, we are asking for your assistance during this weather emergency.

Please stay inside, and stay safe.

Please remember to:

  • If we use your driveway, please make sure it is cleared to a width of at least 10 feet so our trucks can safely maneuver;
  • Clear a path to – and area around – your oil fill-pipe so our delivery team can make a delivery…please be sure the path is made from where our truck would have to park;
  • Make sure your walkways are cleared so our technicians can access your home safely;
  • Make sure your venting systems are clear from snow and ice and your batteries are working in your CO detectors.

We appreciate your cooperation during this difficult winter season.

Should you have any questions regarding any of this information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer representatives at (508) 756-2461.