Radio Oil Update: Spring is Here!


Radio Oil is busy today delivering our premium diesel fuels to businesses throughout central Massachusetts.  While the winter weather seemed to play an unfavorable role for businesses and individuals alike, the realization that warmer, spring weather is officially here means that everything can finally go back into action.

Now is the prime time for businesses such as construction companies to utilize the season and either initiate or complete their projects, and this often requires services of Radio Oil.  Our crew is always busy traveling to various neighboring locations and job sites for the delivery of our diesel fuels.  What is most important and beneficial is the fact that we deliver only the best, fully-additized diesel fuels in order to ensure clean, durable and long-term operation of all engines.  Did you know that running a premium additized diesel fuel gets you better fuel economy and more power output? It actually saves you money! Contact us today to learn more or to set up your next delivery!