Return/Refund Policy

We take great pride in our reputation for quality products and excellent service.  It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.  With that in mind, the following policy for refunds and returns is in effect:

Orders paid in advance

Any orders paid in advance may be cancelled for refund prior to the delivery.  If applicable, credit or debit card processing fee equal to the amount charged by Radio Oil Co., Inc.’s card processor may be deducted from the amount credited.

Bulk deliveries of fuels or lubricating oils

Once the product ordered has been delivered to the customer’s storage tank or equipment, there will be no refund made.  It is the customer’s responsibility to be sure that all tanks (with the exception of residential heating oil tanks) are properly labeled with respect to the product contained within. If our drivers attempt to make a scheduled delivery and are not able to, as a result of access not available to the fill, non-cancellation, or other reason beyond our control, a delivery charge will be charged to the customer.

If an erroneous delivery is made and it is our fault, we will make every effort to resolve the problem.  If the wrong product is put into a customer’s tank or equipment and the product is not suitable for the intended use, Radio Oil Co., Inc. will, with the tank or equipment owner’s permission, and providing it is physically possible, remove the product from the tank and issue a credit or refund for all charges relating to the delivery.  In this situation, if the customer has another use for the resulting downgraded product (i.e. if undyed road diesel is put into a dyed off-road diesel tank, etc.) Radio Oil Co., Inc. will, only with the customer’s knowledge and approval, re-bill the product at a reduced price as the downgraded product.

Packaged deliveries of lubricants, metalworking fluids, and other non-bulk items

If a product is ordered, paid for, and found by us not to be in stock we will immediately credit or refund all charges relating to the purchase.  You will be notified of this and given the option of having your order filled when the product is back in stock.

We accept returns for credit, refund, or exchange within 30 days of the sale if the product returned is in its original package and unopened.   If the customer ordered the wrong product and it is unopened and in its original package we will still accept the return for credit, refund, or exchange, however, a 15% restocking charge may apply.

If a wrong product is received and it is found to be our fault we will accept the product for return and issue full credit or refund even if the product has been opened.    If this occurs it is the customer’s responsibility to check the product upon receipt to be sure the product is that which was ordered.  The customer must notify us immediately if this occurs.  Opened or partially used returns will not be accepted if we are not notified within 5 days of the receipt of the product.  It is also the customer’s responsibility to order the correct product for their application.  Radio Oil Co., Inc. is not responsible for a customer ordering a product that is incorrect for their intended use of that product.

In the event of a customer receiving the wrong product, but one that is acceptable for the intended use of that product, the customer may be offered a price reduction to keep and use the product.  Acceptance of this offer is at the discretion of the customer.

All products are guaranteed to be of acceptable quality for their designated use and meet manufacturer’s specifications.  If a customer has any concerns regarding this, they should notify Radio Oil Co., Inc. immediately.  In this case, Radio Oil Co., Inc. may pass liability to its supplier and take a sample of the product for laboratory analysis.  Pending analysis, credit, refund, or exchange may be made subject to the terms and conditions listed above.

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