Winter Alert!

For our diesel fuel customers…

Please be aware that there are extreme low temperatures forecast for February 12 – 16.  The product operability of our Dyed Off Highway Diesel and our Undyed On Road diesel is currently -10°F.  We generally refer to this as the CFPP (cold filter plugging point), which is the lowest temperature that a specified volume of diesel fuel will pass through a standardized size filter in a specified amount of time.  When approaching temperatures close to the CFPP, cold weather operability issues tend to arise.  Our diesel fuel is treated with cold flow improvers and airline de-icers but these additives can only go so far…good housekeeping practices for your fuel storage is very important.  Moisture can build up in a storage tank over time when it is subjected to warm days and cold nights (condensation builds).  This will lead to growth of algae and other microorganisms which will clog filters.  Best practices would be to keep the tank out of direct sunlight, paint it a light or reflective color, and prevent snow, rain, and ice from sitting on it.

Action that may be taken to prevent cold temperature issues include:

  1. Remove water from storage tanks, saddle tanks, and fuel-water separators.
  2. Avoid the use of water-absorbing or hydrosorb filters.
  3. Change fuel filters if they have been in service for a while.