Winter Heating Prep

With so many years of experience supplying residential homes throughout Central Massachusetts with heating oil, we truly understand the importance of getting the best quality and the fairest price.  The cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature day in and day out in your home during the harsh, chilly months can be tough at times, but there are in fact some ways to effectively preserve heat in your home and ultimately save yourself some money.

Inspect your home and perform these few simple tasks and you might wonder why you never attempted them sooner:

  • Cover weak, thin and leaking areas throughout your home that allow heat to escape. Typical areas include basement ceilings, attic floors or exterior walls; insulate these places to keep the heat inside.
  • Seal your windows to prevent drafts from blowing into the interior of your home. With simple and affordable sealing kits as well as other items such as draft snakes, you can dramatically reduce the amount of cold air able to sneak inside on those windy, frigid days. For doors, there is also weather stripping insulation that you can insert around the perimeter to ward off additional drafts.
  • Keep those windows covered.  Similar to the previous recommendation, another effective way to keep cold air out is to keep shades down or nice, heavy curtains closed.
  • Keep damper in your fireplace closed when not being used. The chimney and fireplace can provide another easy passage for drafts and chilly air and sneak inside.

Cold, snowy days have already hit and with the official first day of winter approaching on the 21st of December, it’s clear that this weather will be sticking around for quite a while.  As any New Englander knows, the winter months can be long and, to some, painful.  While you may have to battle harsh temperatures and snowstorms, that does not mean that you need to battle with the cost of heating your home as well.