Additized Diesel 2: Corrosion Inhibitors & Fuel Filters

Our previous article on the advantages of additized diesel focused on the benefits that diesel additives can deliver to your work equipment. Better fuel economy, better engine response, and longer engine life are all advantages of diesel with additives that keep fuel filters clean. Another class of additives is designed to keep the fuel clean of rust, and, by extension, keep your fuel filters clean, too.

As diesel sits in storage tanks or flows through fuel pipelines, it can corrode the metal around it. This corrosion ends up in the main volume of fuel as small rust particles. After delivery, these particles make their way into your engine. You’d be right to guess that this has some serious drawbacks.

These rust particles have to make way through your fuel system, including your fuel filter. A good fuel filter will go a long way in getting your fuel free of these particles of oxidized metal, which would otherwise gum up your engine. However, the more rust it filters out, the more quickly it will get gummed up itself, and so the more quickly you will have to replace it.

The best way to keep this from happening is to keep the corrosion from happening at all, or reducing it as much as possible. Corrosion inhibiting additives go a long way in reducing the wear and tear on your equipment that comes from rust in your fuel. These inhibitors contain chemicals that bond to the metal inside of tanks and pipelines, and repel fuel. This creates a barrier between the metal and the fuel, significantly inhibiting corrosion.

High-quality diesel fuels may contain these additives in an effort to deliver top-quality, reliable, and clean diesel to you, the customer. This is just one more way that additized diesel can help keep your equipment running longer, more reliably, and without excess maintenance costs.

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