Protecting Your Hydraulic Equipment

Here is a reprint from a recent Petro-Canada newsletter: Protecting Your Hydraulic Equipment Petro-Canada’s HYDREX and ENVIRON hydraulic fluids are advanced formula, long life, anti-wear fluids designed for hydraulic systems to provide excellent operating and maintenance benefits for increased productivity and reduced downtime. But research has shown that over 80% of machine wear failures are due to particulate and water … Continue reading Protecting Your Hydraulic Equipment

Winter Alert!

For our diesel fuel customers… Please be aware that there are extreme low temperatures forecast for February 12 – 16.  The product operability of our Dyed Off Highway Diesel and our Undyed On Road diesel is currently -10°F.  We generally refer to this as the CFPP (cold filter plugging point), which is the lowest temperature that a specified volume of … Continue reading Winter Alert!

Important Safety Tips

What you should know about… Seasonal/Unoccupied Homes No matter how you heat your home, maintaining your heat to a certain level is critical. Freeze-ups in an occupied/empty or unoccupied dwelling or home can cause expensive losses. Water from broken pipes can flood a house in a matter of hours causing structural damage to the house and loss of personal property. … Continue reading Important Safety Tips

Diesel Fuel 101

The development of the internal combustion engine began in the late eighteenth century. Slow but steady progress was made over the next hundred years. By 1892, Rudolf Diesel received a patent for a compression ignition reciprocating engine. But his original design, which used coal dust as the fuel, didn’t work. Thirty-three years earlier, in 1859, crude oil had been discovered … Continue reading Diesel Fuel 101