New Heavy Duty Lubricant to be Developed

A new heavy duty diesel engine oil (HDDEO) specification is being formulated to debut in January 2016.  The new spec will help engine manufacturers meet coming federal standards for improved fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in model year 2014 – 2018 diesel engines.  The new oil category is currently called PC-11, which stands for Proposed Category 11.  The current specification for HDDEO is API CJ-4 which came out of PC-10 and was introduced in 2006.

At this point there is discussion that the new category may include two separate oils.  One that will be of the traditional heavier variety that currently exists and another oil that is lighter to address improved fuel economy.  The challenge for that oil’s development will be to maintain engine protection and durability.

In order to meet the deadlines for licensing the new oils by January 2016 and mandatory use by January 2017, the American Petroleum Institute (API) must approve the final specification by March 2015. There is a great deal of work that needs to be done in order to meet these deadlines.  New engine tests have to be specified including Mack T-13 for ring, liner, and bearing wear; Caterpillar C-13 aeration test; and a Detroit Diesel test for scuffing/adhesive wear.  In addition, tests for oxidation and shear-stability must be selected.  After all tests and limits are specified, it must be determined which tests will become part of the new category.

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