Protecting Your Hydraulic Equipment

Here is a reprint from a recent Petro-Canada newsletter: Protecting Your Hydraulic Equipment Petro-Canada’s HYDREX and ENVIRON hydraulic fluids are advanced formula, long life, anti-wear fluids designed for hydraulic systems to provide excellent operating and maintenance benefits for increased productivity and reduced downtime. But research has shown that over 80% of machine wear failures are due to particulate and water … Continue reading Protecting Your Hydraulic Equipment

Spring Energy Saving Tips

Although the cold is still lingering, Spring has arrived and it is important to check over your heating and cooling systems to make sure that you are running at peak efficiency. Here are some ways to prepare for spring and save energy throughout the season: Replace furnace and air conditioner filters. Clean filters allow for better air flow, providing more … Continue reading Spring Energy Saving Tips

Winter Heating Prep

With so many years of experience supplying residential homes throughout Central Massachusetts with heating oil, we truly understand the importance of getting the best quality and the fairest price.  The cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature day in and day out in your home during the harsh, chilly months can be tough at times, but there are in fact some … Continue reading Winter Heating Prep

New Heavy Duty Lubricant to be Developed

A new heavy duty diesel engine oil (HDDEO) specification is being formulated to debut in January 2016.  The new spec will help engine manufacturers meet coming federal standards for improved fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in model year 2014 – 2018 diesel engines.  The new oil category is currently called PC-11, which stands for Proposed Category 11.  The … Continue reading New Heavy Duty Lubricant to be Developed

IRS Continues to Levy Hefty Fines for Failure to Display Dispenser Tax Labels

IRS fines for incorrect or missing labels are significant. The IRS requires all dyed diesel and dyed kerosene dispensers to have a specific label indicating that the fuel is for nontaxable use only. The labeling requirement has been in place for diesel dyed diesel dispensers since 1993 and for dyed and clear kerosene dispensers since 1998. The IRS has recently … Continue reading IRS Continues to Levy Hefty Fines for Failure to Display Dispenser Tax Labels

Today’s Diesel Fuels and Winter in the Northeast

Formulation of a consistently top quality diesel fuel for use in the Northeastern United States is an ongoing challenge. Several years ago when on-highway diesel fuel was reformulated to meet the EPA’s low sulfur requirements, many diesel marketers encountered fuel operability problems. The de-sulfurization process left the diesel fuel lacking the lubricity needed to keep fuel pumps operating properly. Cold … Continue reading Today’s Diesel Fuels and Winter in the Northeast