Affordable Oil for Central MA, Eastern MA & Beyond!

We at Radio Oil have been committed to providing the best value for the dollar to all of our customers. Whether you need heating oil, diesel fuel, lubricants, or metalworking fluids, we will provide you great product at affordable prices, with prompt delivery. We’re committed to providing affordable oil, fuels, metalworking fluids, and lubricants to Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, … Continue reading Affordable Oil for Central MA, Eastern MA & Beyond!

Radio Oil Update: Spring is Here!

  Radio Oil is busy today delivering our premium diesel fuels to businesses throughout central Massachusetts.  While the winter weather seemed to play an unfavorable role for businesses and individuals alike, the realization that warmer, spring weather is officially here means that everything can finally go back into action. Now is the prime time for businesses such as construction companies … Continue reading Radio Oil Update: Spring is Here!

Spring is Just Around the Corner

The month of March has finally arrived and although it may not feel like it quite yet, spring is in fact just around the corner.  While we currently remain faced with an overwhelming amount of snow and ice throughout the area, the hope is that the start of the new season will bring with it the sun and warmer temperatures … Continue reading Spring is Just Around the Corner

Winter Alert!

For our diesel fuel customers… Please be aware that there are extreme low temperatures forecast for February 12 – 16.  The product operability of our Dyed Off Highway Diesel and our Undyed On Road diesel is currently -10°F.  We generally refer to this as the CFPP (cold filter plugging point), which is the lowest temperature that a specified volume of … Continue reading Winter Alert!

Important Safety Tips

What you should know about… Seasonal/Unoccupied Homes No matter how you heat your home, maintaining your heat to a certain level is critical. Freeze-ups in an occupied/empty or unoccupied dwelling or home can cause expensive losses. Water from broken pipes can flood a house in a matter of hours causing structural damage to the house and loss of personal property. … Continue reading Important Safety Tips